How to focus your Mind 



What does Focus mean to you?

Is it Tunnel Vision?

Is it Discipline it its purest and most unadulterated form?                                                                                   

What does it take for you to become focused?

Tragedy? Triumph? Tranquility?

Maybe a combination of all of the Above?

Whatever it is, Focus will be Vital and Paramount to Your Success. Not only on your Weight Loss Journey, but in Life.

This Maturation of your Mindset is a total Reconfiguration and Reconstruction of your everyday Thought Process.

Live Long enough, and you can find yourself becoming Cynical about the most Mundane of things without even realizing it.

We start to look at the glass as half empty instead of half full.

We start to question the intentions of the people around us.

We start to Lose that Youthful Optimism and Curiosity about the World.

It’s Gradual.

Feeling Sad 

But Over time this Mindset can take a painstakingly Deep Root in our Psyche and in our Life.

Our Focus has been altered. And We are now focusing on the Wrong Things.

Sometimes we fail to realize that We give Momentum to the things that we focus on.

It has a Domino Effect.

Please don’t underestimate the Power of Your Mind. It is Your Personal Super Computer!

The Power of Spoken Word.

Your Everyday Aspirations and Daily Affirmations.

Power of Your Mind 

These things are all intrinsically connected into the fabric that makes up Your Life.

Treat these things accordingly and You will see a shift in Your Life slowly but surely.

Rome was not built in a night. But when it came to fruition, It became an Empire that lasted over 400 years.

Your Mind and Body are your Empire.

The Roman Empire 

We want to be Proud of it. And We Want It to Last.

Therefore, We have to treat Negativity in all Aspects of Our Life like the Plague!

Control what You can Control. Your environment is a HUGE part of that.

Because if We are constantly stressed or having a bad day, Many of us turn to our favorite comfort foods for a Tasty and Temporary Reprieve.

A Cheat day never hurt Anybody.

Cheat Day 


If You compound this into a daily lifestyle of continuous “stress eating”. Then You will not be able to attain the goals You have set for yourself.

This is why We don’t just stress the physical. It just as much Mental.

If You are tired Mentally, It will take its toll on you Physically as well.

Just try tweaking Your Thought Process a little bit day by day.

Say Something Positive about Yourself when you look at yourself in the Mirror.

Try seeing the positive side of every situation, no matter how bleak things are currently looking.

Take the Optimistic Approach  (Easier Said than Done. We know.)

This is a Marathon. Not a 40 yard dash.

Life is a Marathon 

And in due time, You will Indeed reach your Final Destination.

Your starting point is not Your ending point.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to START.

There is so much Courage in that. Don’t short change yourself on the magnitude of that simple action.

You WILL succeed. But YOU have to tap into your inner belief.

One Day you will look back on this, And it will all have been so worth it.


Don’t forget to Bask in the Beauty of the Journey…..



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