The Fear Factor 

facing your fears 


Such an Ominous word within itself.

But its Singular meaning and Foreboding presence has permeated in the hearts of men and women throughout the centuries.

Those who lacked sufficient courage have fallen victim to its paralyzing effects. Only to be further haunted by thoughts of what could have happened if they had just faced their fears.

A lot of times the Success that we are so Desperately searching for is just on the other side of our Fear.

Where does Fear come from? Why does it Torture Us So?

Sometimes Fear can be unfairly planted into the deep crevices of our Soul and Subconscious unknowingly by friends and loved ones.

Old Wives tales like the "boogie man" and "the big bad wolf" were meant to make us behave and keep us safe. However, they may have still planted the seeds of "fear" in the back of our young and impressionable minds.  Shaping our Psyche to embrace Fear.

Thus, what is rarely discussed, is that a growing fear of the unknown can begin festering right underneath the surface as early as our pre adolescent years.

 Or just maybe..we've experienced considerable trauma or failure in our past that we have buried in the back of our mind..and anything that remotely resembles...or even brings back those bitter feelings..anything in that realm of thinking...we totally disregard, or head in the opposite direction? Because we are so desperate not to feel those feelings of helplessness and alienation once again....

 These are all Viable and Valid reasons to have Fear.  We have all experienced our own personal "sunken place" at one point or another in this life.

the sunken place 

But to be totally frank.  You have to "Get Out" of the fear mindset and embrace the real possibilities of the uknown.

If We want to Achieve great things in Life. Or specifically our health goals. We have to be comfortable with getting uncomfortable.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

We've all had heartbreaks. We've all tried certain exercise methods or weight loss programs that may not have yielded the results we so desperately wanted and needed.

We all have personal demons that we deal with daily... personal demons 

Many of us have succumbed to the glare of our imperfections and the weight of our insecurities. 

We are Human. This is understandable..there is absolutely no shame in it. But when is enough Enough? 

 We CAN'T let the fear of failure and the pain of the past stop us from embracing the uniqueness of the unknown. 

We were created to Pursue our Passions! Not fall victim to our fate.

Too many of Us settle for a life that we are not happy with, a body we are not proud of. 

Stop Feeding your Failures. 

Let them go. Let the failures fuel your Success. The greatest achievements, successes, and inventions were not achieved overnight! They were built on the blood sweat and tears of failure after failure.

But the perseverance to proceed; The ability to move from failure to failure with the same enthusiam and expectation for Success, is what separates the Great from the good. 

Rock Climbing 

Dont' be afraid to take a chance on Yourself. Don't be afraid to Dream. These are the things that make Life worthwhile. Other methods and pursuits may not have worked for you in the past. But you are no longer alone. Self improvement is a beautiful thing. 

It is continual and constant growth. 

 This is Your Journey. And you should not compare your Journey to anyone else's. The world needs you to be who you were Created to be. Because there is only one You.

Trust the Process. 

Bringing your Mind and Body into total harmony is the first step to Crafting a Life worth Living.

Don't be Afraid. You are not Alone.

And in Time, you will see, That Fear is merely just an Illusion.... 

Living Life to the Fullest 



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