"To Count or Not To Count. That Is the Question. "

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 Should we count calories or should we not?

This is a popular question that receives a plethora of contrasting answers.

Let's break it down.

Counting calories has worked for many. Yet it has proved to be quite a difficult and time consuming task for many a person who is looking to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in their every day life.

The old adage of "the best way to lose weight is to count calories" is simply not true.

Counting calories is very hard to do correctly for a myriad of reasons. But we have highlighted the most important reasons below.

The Problem 

First, you have to figure out how many calories are actually in the foods that you want to eat. 


That task in itself is enough to discourage many of us who still cringe at the thought of math class. One would have to sift through copious handbooks, websites and databases for the truth.

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Who has time for all that?

Secondly, You would have to assume that the various physical and online literature that you have perused through is unequivocally correct.

But sadly, that just isn't the case.

Studies have shown that many of these numbers are skewed, and can be off by as much as 25% because of incorrect labeling, laboratory measurement error and food quality.

On the flip side of that; Measuring the calories you actually burn is subject to the fate of human error as well. The variables are the equipment you use, laboratory measurement errors, and our own individual differences.

 Please understand...

We should all have an idea of how much food we are eating each day so we can adjust our health goals accordingly.

But calorie counting itself is an extremely difficult undertaking, and one of the main reasons that people often quit and go back to eating how they used to. 

 The Solution

Thankfully, counting calories is not the only effective way to lose weight.

For those who are skilled in the nuances of calorie counting. By all means, continue to do what has worked for you!

We at Diet Duties simply want to show the other side of the coin for the every day man or woman who is seeking to build great fundamentals for a long lasting and healthy lifestyle.

But the Beautiful thing about this stuation is......An easy solution to our calorie dilemma is in our own hands. Literally.

Here is how it works:


  • Your palm determins your protein portions.
  • Your first determines your veggie portions.
  • Your cupped hand determines your carb portions.
  • Your thumb determines your fat portions. 
Now its time to Evaluate Portion Control more closely and how Men and Women should ration each of their meals.

 See You There! 

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