We Promote Your Business

We can promote your business, and send you leads through referral forms, or feature your products in our online store.

How Leads Work

We give you a page, where we feature your story and promote your business.

You supply us with a description of what you do. You can also include pictures and videos.

We need your website address and how our visitors can contact you.

Visitors who want to contact you complete a referral form entering in their name, email, phone number, and what they're looking for. When they click on the submit button they're directed to your website or given your contact information and the lead has been made.

Here is an example of a referral form, sending leads to a law firm.

At the same time, you're emailed the visitor's contact information, and the visitor is emailed your contact information.

There is a small cost per lead. The cost of the lead is not based on whether you do business with the person that completed the referral form.

How Product Sales Work

We can also feature your products on the same page.  All you need to do is supply us with the product images and costs. We will feature your products under the description of your business.

We can promote your products as an affiliate if you have a  link that tracks sales. If not, we can simply use a pay per click tracking link where there's a small pay per click fee.

How To Start

To begin, simply complete the form to the right letting us know about your business, and if you are interested in us sending you leads and/or selling your products. 

Promote Your Business

Tell us about your business.